Points of Origin

Amero wakes from an eerily familiar dream in an unfamiliar bed.

Within hours, he is forced onto an experimental craft and jettisoned across the galaxy alongside a mysterious, potentially homicidal man named Hann.

Finding themselves in a strange yet familiar spacetime, the men are told by suspicious entities to hunt for Points, strange objects no larger than one’s thumb, which are spread across the cosmos by unknown means.

The purpose of the hunt is unknown. The purpose of the Points is unknown.

All Amero wants is to return to his dead-end life. All Hann wants is to hunt down and destroy those responsible for his predicament.

It will take a journey to the end of time itself and beyond the boundaries of every universe to know the truth—to witness the light behind the veil…for better or worse.

Points of Origin Cover


The Process is Love

A collection of four short stories featuring a cast of unexpected characters, including a carnivorous storm system, a lethally lustful AI, a cosmically stressed singularity, and a dilapidated old man that may or may not have caused the end of the world. Though the sets and settings of each story differ, the unmistakable theme uniting each at their core is the demand for and the giving of love–that vague, fickle, yet infinitely powerful idea we all know but can’t ever truly explain. Incredibly, love never ceases to appear in the places and people where it seems most unlikely.

Life and death–the relationship that is you–that is the process of the universe itself. Dive into these science fictional explorations of the inward mind and outward cosmos, and when you resurface, maybe you too will agree that the process is love.

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