A Dream of Waking Life

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“When Matthew Willish wakes up on a cold steel floor unsure of how he got there, he begins desperately searching for answers. What Matthew doesn’t realize, however, is that this is only the beginning of a journey that will ultimately send him searching other worlds for the answer to numerous profound questions, the most pressing being: is he living in reality or in a dream? Or is he just an insane man who desperately needs help? A Dream of Waking Life is a philosophical and psychological thriller that tells the story of one man’s journey through space, time, and mind to not only discover his true identity but also the love of his life—a woman who keeps slipping through his fingers and into another reality. A thought-provoking meditation on the thin line between what is real and what is not, A Dream of Waking Life will leave readers questioning how far they would go to understand the nature of their own existence and how much they would sacrifice for love.”

“A mix between Lathe of Heaven, Inception, and The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch. I simply could never have foreseen this story’s trajectory. What a heartrending yet satisfying and impressive journey! The plot kept me guessing at every turn; every time I thought I figured the grand mystery, the author threw me for a new, profound curve. The characters jumped right off the page, and the love between Matt and May felt tangible. The ending left me in tears, and months after reading it, I still can’t get it out of my head. A love story, mystery, grand philosophy, incredible suspense–A Dream of Waking Life stands in a category of its own. By far the most impressive work from E. S. Fein so far.”

“What is reality? What do we really know about what is REAL? Is this waking life? These are probably the questions you will be asking yourself as you read this wildly impressive story! Navigating through the maze of Matt’s mind felt all at once exhilarating and puzzling…how did it get to this? You will be questioning your own sanity as you continue down the rabbit hole. Dream of Waking Life delivers a fantastical ride filled with drama, action, and suspense! A psychological thriller that would make Philip K. Dick proud. Definitely cannot stop thinking about this one! Am I awake…?”

“A Dream of Waking Life that takes the seemingly straightforward question “how do you know what is real?” and turns it into mysterious and suspenseful story. At times, the tone of the story veered into surprisingly dark territory almost reminiscent of a Black Mirror episode. However, the story avoids feeling depressing or oppressive as these elements are well juxtaposed with other instances of intentional absurdity and humor throughout the book. As the name suggests, dreams are central to the plot and setting of the book…While obvious parallels to the movie Inception can be made, A Dream of Waking Life stands on its own and treads entirely different and more introspective ground. I loved how much this book kept me thinking and every chapter renewed my curiosity. I could not put it down!”

“This is a super interesting fast-paced read. After every chapter, I was left wondering where the story would go next. The characters are so flawlessly integrated into the story that it was more than halfway through before I realized how attached I really was to them and their outcomes. A true mystery until the end, this book is sure to keep you on your toes and make you think. I don’t say this often, but A Dream of Waking Life is also a great reread with so many easter eggs along the way!”

“Right from the start, I felt projected into the main character’s exciting and chaotic journey through dreams and waking life. This book had me questioning the realness of reality and driven to find answers in E.S. Fein’s cleverly-written novel. The characters felt so real that I found myself yelling and screaming at them throughout the story and even long after I finished reading.”

Points of Origin

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“E.S. Fein is raising the bar for quality as it’s a very well-written and thought-provoking book…There are points and themes in the story that could be discussed for eons as people will have their own idea on where it leads. It’s a book I would highly recommend.” – Andy Whitaker, SFCrowsnest

“Point of Origin was my first space opera read and my mind is blown. The story was full of the big existential questions; Who are we? Why are we here? What is love, trust, joy? The storyline addressed many important issue of religion, philosophy and societal roles. This is not a light read by any means but it certainly kept me wanting to resolve the internal and external conflicts posed from the beginning all the way to the end. If you’re looking for a story to wrap your whole brain around, this is it.”- D.M. Taylor, author of The Reckoning

“ES Fein has written a space opera adventure that weaves traditional science fiction, Eastern Philosophy, questions about who we really are, God and the cosmos in a very enjoyable way…Fein has a beautiful use of language and descriptions throughout the novel and you get a true sense of why the characters are the way they are.” — Amazon Review

“A hyperdimensional transhumanist space opera thriller–that’s my best attempt at categorizing this peacock of literary genres that’s worth every minute of reading. The story begins on a near-future Earth run by the New Covenant, a religion/global hegemony which has rewritten the Bible and conquered nearly every continent, and it ends somewhere beyond hyperspace, beyond causality itself, beyond…well, I don’t want to spoil the journey. All I can say is wow! E. S. Fein seamlessly blends original ideas and traditional sci-fi archetypes with Eastern philosophy and playful, yet complex ontological theories surrounding the nature of existence. All the while, the characters, which include sentient software and a hyperdimensional wizard, will leave you in a daze of never wanting to leave the strange universe E. S. Fein displaces you in. One of my favorite books of the year–I can’t wait for E. S. Fein to write more!” – Rick Wang, Wondergressive.com

“This book is hard enough to interest core sci-fi fanbase while soft enough and with enough character development to interest the more casual reader. It’s a great merger of philosophy, science, and drama that draws heavily from the eastern mystic heritage. The climax of the inter-personal drama crept up on me, so much that I didn’t even realize it was there until a short while afterwards. At it’s core, it amounts to a thought experiment on what could occur given the potentiality of our universe, even a possibility of what our reality is exactly. It had me thinking about it and wishing I could be back home to read it during the day. It’s cheap, interesting, and relatively fast paced so you could breeze through it if you so desire. Recommended” – Alexandra Wallace, review on Amazon

Amero wakes from an eerily familiar dream in an unfamiliar bed.

Within hours, he is forced onto an experimental craft and jettisoned across the galaxy alongside a mysterious, potentially homicidal man named Hann.

Finding themselves in a strange yet familiar spacetime, the men are told by suspicious entities to hunt for Points, strange objects no larger than one’s thumb, which are spread across the cosmos by unknown means.

The purpose of the hunt is unknown. The purpose of the Points is unknown.

All Amero wants is to return to his dead-end life. All Hann wants is to hunt down and destroy those responsible for his predicament.

It will take a journey to the end of time itself and beyond the boundaries of every universe to know the truth–to witness the light behind the veil…for better or worse.


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A brilliant quantum physicist is fed up with her relationship and alters the entire spacetime continuum to make her partner appreciate her. Quantum computers all around the world become sentient and take control of humanity’s fate. An egomaniacal genius lets loose genetically engineered mosquitoes to aid humanity, but they feast upon the world instead. A group of genderless beings living beneath the surface of the Earth go on a quest to discover the nature of existence.

What do all these stories have in common? They are all part of E. S. Fein’s newest short story collection, Ascendescenscion. If you’re looking to embark on journeys spanning space, time, mind, and consciousness itself, then look no further.

“I have read the author’s other works and I have to say, E. S. Fein is really impressing me! The authors main novel ‘Points of Origin’ was a wonderful journey exploring consciousness and self, and here we once again have an exploration of existence, but the density of it all is very neatly packed into four riveting short stories. Characters experience growth, show a curiosity of the unknowable, and explore new interesting subject matter. Every story has left me lost in thought and filled with questions, which is exactly what I hope for when I read good Sci Fi. Excited to see where E. S. Fein will take us next!!!” — Amazon Review

The Process Is Love

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A collection of four short stories featuring a cast of unexpected characters, including a carnivorous storm system, a lethally lustful AI, a cosmically stressed singularity, and a dilapidated old man that may or may not have caused the end of the world. Though the sets and settings of each story differ, the unmistakable theme uniting each at their core is the demand for and the giving of love–that vague, fickle, yet infinitely powerful idea we all know but can’t ever truly explain. Incredibly, love never ceases to appear in the places and people where it seems most unlikely.

Life and death–the relationship that is you–that is the process of the universe itself. Dive into these science fictional explorations of the inward mind and outward cosmos, and when you resurface, maybe you too will agree that the process is love.

“The voice of this author that I have come to love so much is one that is well-established, yet distinct. Each of these tales is expertly crafted in in such a way that creates separation, but simultaneously allow for the anthology to feel connected. Oftentimes with short stories, anthologies feel disjointed and out of place/out of touch. In this collection, the themes, voice, and character depth keep these stories well rounded and tangible. Cannot wait for more to come from E.S. Fein!” — Amazon Review

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To Will a Human Trilogy – Book 1: Synaletheia

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