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The front cover of A Dream of Waking Life. Art by Leraynne

“When Matthew Willish wakes up on a cold steel floor unsure of how he got there, he begins desperately searching for answers. What Matthew doesn’t realize, however, is that this is only the beginning of a journey that will ultimately send him searching other worlds for the answer to numerous profound questions, the most pressing being: is he living in reality or in a dream? Or is he just an insane man who desperately needs help? A Dream of Waking Life is a philosophical and psychological thriller that tells the story of one man’s journey through space, time, and mind to not only discover his true identity but also the love of his life—a woman who keeps slipping through his fingers and into another reality. A thought-provoking meditation on the thin line between what is real and what is not, A Dream of Waking Life will leave readers questioning how far they would go to understand the nature of their own existence and how much they would sacrifice for love.”

“A mix between Lathe of Heaven, Inception, and The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch. I simply could never have foreseen this story’s trajectory. What a heartrending yet satisfying and impressive journey! The plot kept me guessing at every turn; every time I thought I figured the grand mystery, the author threw me for a new, profound curve. The characters jumped right off the page, and the love between Matt and May felt tangible. The ending left me in tears, and months after reading it, I still can’t get it out of my head. A love story, mystery, grand philosophy, incredible suspense–A Dream of Waking Life stands in a category of its own. By far the most impressive work from E. S. Fein so far.”

“What is reality? What do we really know about what is REAL? Is this waking life? These are probably the questions you will be asking yourself as you read this wildly impressive story! Navigating through the maze of Matt’s mind felt all at once exhilarating and puzzling…how did it get to this? You will be questioning your own sanity as you continue down the rabbit hole. Dream of Waking Life delivers a fantastical ride filled with drama, action, and suspense! A psychological thriller that would make Philip K. Dick proud. Definitely cannot stop thinking about this one! Am I awake…?”

“Right from the start, I felt projected into the main character’s exciting and chaotic journey through dreams and waking life. This book had me questioning the realness of reality and driven to find answers in E.S. Fein’s cleverly-written novel. The characters felt so real that I found myself yelling and screaming at them throughout the story and even long after I finished reading.”

The back cover of A Dream of Waking Life. Art by Leraynne

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“E.S. Fein is raising the bar for quality…There are points and themes in [Points of Origin] that could be discussed for eons as people will have their own idea on where it leads…I would highly recommend.” – Andy Whitaker, SFCrowsnest

“”Points of Origin was my first space opera read and my mind is blown. The story was full of the big existential questions; Who are we? Why are we here? What is love, trust, joy? The storyline addressed many important issue of religion, philosophy and societal roles…If you’re looking for a story to wrap your whole brain around, this is it.”- D.M. Taylor, author of The Reckoning

“ES Fein has written a space opera adventure that weaves traditional science fiction, Eastern Philosophy, questions about who we really are, God and the cosmos in a very enjoyable way…Fein has a beautiful use of language and descriptions throughout the novel and you get a true sense of why the characters are the way they are.” – Reader Review

“E.S. Fein’s poignant writing is a deep reflection on today’s societal questions in an entirely unique science fiction setting. [Points of Origin] provokes deep thought on sexuality, compliance in societal norms, religious understanding, drug use and our own mortality. The writing is accessible as well as exquisite and I highly recommend this book.” – Reader Review

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“…Gave me chills…an ayahuasca trip dipped in DMT…awesome stories!” — MR, EnticeYourMind.com

“The voice of this author that I have come to love so much is one that is well-established, yet distinct. Each of these tales is expertly crafted in in such a way that creates separation, but simultaneously allow for the anthology to feel connected. Oftentimes with short stories, anthologies feel disjointed and out of place/out of touch. In this collection, the themes, voice, and character depth keep these stories well rounded and tangible. Cannot wait for more to come from E.S. Fein!” — Reader Review

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“This is a great set of stories! Each story has a satisfying trajectory and I felt like I got to know each of the characters’ motivations and personalities even within the constraints of a short story. I also enjoyed the deeper themes throughout Ascendescenscion. I loved the thought-provoking concepts raised throughout the book. These points were especially great in combination with the occasional instance of humor. Overall, it was a fun read!” — Reader Review

Check out some mind blowing artwork inspired by E. S. Fein’s stories by the illustrious artist and designer Liah.Hail! Follow her on Instagram to see her work or hire her. Here’s a sample of her remarkable talent, inspired by Multiversal Beauty:


This incredible painting by the artist Payel Kundu was inspired by a scene from Points of Origin! Check out her other work on Instagram at @Payel.Kundu.Art!

In this scene, Yang explains to Amero the choice Amero will have to make at the end of time, or else entropy will choose for him.

E. S. Fein on Prodigy Podcast talking about psychedelics!

E. S. Fein on Prodigy Podcast talking about Lucid Dreaming!

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